Techsnap Youtube Video Categories

We seem to be getting straight back into the Youtube videos, with the various different types of videos planned I figured it would make sense to categorise them as different audiences may prefer different parts of the channel.

All videos contain a sarcasm and cynicism, that’s just the way it is at Techsnap. Everything is unscripted, unrehearsed and completely off the cuff as I believe this is the way the videos can be honest.

OS – Being an OS Channel a fair few videos will focus on the set up, configuration and features of various OS’s.

Rant – Shouting and Swearing at the ready! We put OS’s through their paces and really go into some of the more unrefined aspects. No OS is immune to a potential rant, except perhaps Slackware.

Beta – Primarily Betas versions from the past. To compare how a Beta or unreleased version of an OS stacks up against the final product (if any).

Going Back – We look back at OS’s of the past and try to get them to run some modern software, sometimes with ludicrous workarounds.