Classic Techsnap

Why not see where it all started? Intended to be nothing more than a rant outlet for Click Here to view the entire play list of original Techsnap videos or continue reading for a brief overview of my favourites.

Due to the 10 minute upload restriction of Youtube at the time, many of the videos were split into separate parts. I have retroactively decided to group these into the playlists below and class them as one “episode”.

Ubuntu 9.10 Rants Where it all started! It’s November 2009. Ubuntu 9.10 has not long been released and the #1 Bug in Launchpad is “Microsoft has a majority market share”. With the ever frustrating apt and a beta boot loaders to boot does 9.10 cut the mustard, evidently not.

Windows 98 – A Decade Later As of writing this post, we’re actually into 2 decades after the release of Windows 98. Perhaps this one should be revisited? In this episode we install Windows 98SE, update it via Windows Update (no longer possible), mess around with to see the level of supported software and install mods to make it look like Windows XP for the sake of it.

Windows 95 In 2009A look at the state of Windows 95 in 2009 and how various different software ran on it at the time.

Beta Operating Systems – Early on we looked at beta versions of a few OS’s just to see how much they changed between this and the final release and which features were dropped or added along the way. Here are a small collection of these.

Gosalia Linux – This was a very strange one. This distro was touted as being an all singing all dancing distro – with a DNS cache! As expected it never really lived up to any of these claims (Gosalia in the Enterprise – Imagine that). In this episode we looked at Gosalia which turned out to be nothing more than Ubuntu with a new theme, PPAs and unsigned repos at the ready.

Computer Janitor – WHAT ARE THEY PLAYING AT!!?? This is my favourite Techsnap video of all time and was a lot of fun to make. Think Disk Cleanup or CCleaner on Windows or Bleachbit on Linux. You’d expect a program named Computer Janitor, included by default, to be very similar to this wouldn’t you?

IT WAS NOTHING LIKE THAT! This fancy Python wrapper for pretty much apt-get autoremove, removed third party installed applications without even as much as a warning. Not our Repos? You’re not keeping it. Is it any wonder such an application is no longer in Ubuntu by default.